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  • Cath Lab Guider for...

    About the book:

    This book is the first medical cardiology intervention book concerned with staff nurses. The book includes all medical parts related to Cath Lab not only but also all the nursing parts.


    - The book consists of 4 parts:

    1- 1st chapter: The basic knowledge that staff will need it.

    2- The 2nd chapter: is talk about all medication in Cath lab and drug calculation.

    3- The 3rd chapter: The all cases that we are usually meet in Cath lab with simplified explain and its procedure.

    4- The last chapter: is talk about all complication that may be seen and its management.

    5- At the end: some abbreviations.


    This book will be of help to the nurses starting out in Cath Lab. This book is designed to guide staff through the procedure, avoiding potential pitfalls and complications. It has been written to provide a solid basic background and allow staff to develop their own personal approach in Cath Lab procedures.